Top 5 most popular tapware colors

There’s no doubt about the fact that tapware comes in diverse colors. In fact, there are some colors that one might not know about their existence in the tapware world. The essence of this write-up is to inform you about the top five famous tapware colors. Do you know that there are up to fifty tapware colors across different manufacturers? Of course, I was shocked when I saw it too. So it can be a little challenging to choose the color one wants. But out of all these colors, I decided to pick out the best and the most famous ones. Furthermore, the five colors discussed here can be used in the kitchen and bathroom.  You can buy colored tapware from here.

Top 5 most popular tapware colors

The top five popular tapware colors are unique. They are special because they can easily match natural materials of any color. You might be wondering how and why there are countless tapware colors. You must consider that there are variations in shades between every manufacturer. One builder can call gunmetal lighter or darker than what another builder calls gunmetal. To avoid any displeasure, make sure you visit a bathroom or kitchen display area to view the differences between colors rather than ordering any tapware online without seeing it yourself first. I am saying this to show you how the issue of colors can cause a problem or an issue with you and your plumber. So, you should see it in person before placing an order on it. 

However, this article is a piece of information for plumbers and contractors. Knowing these tapware colors will help you make suitable suggestions for your client. It is good to let your client know everything in vogue in the tapware industry. 

How to choose the right color

If you want to choose the right tapware color for your bathroom or kitchen, you need to consider factors. Apart from the fact that I would be revealing some colors to you here, there are some foundational things you must know as a person before picking any color. One of the things you must consider is choosing a color that will match other materials used to design the decoration of the kitchen or bathroom. For instance, if you want to use black tapware, you must take note of some other materials that will match together with the black tap you wish to use. Black tapware can easily blend with natural materials like marbles, timbers, etc. Therefore, one must consider all these factors before ordering tapware. You need to know that the colors of the tapware have a way of contributing to the beauty of the entire interior decorations. You can find more kitchen and bathroom decoration ideas at

So, you don’t just choose a color without considering the outcome of what the whole kitchen or the bathroom will look like. 

However, to help you weigh up your options, here are the top famous tapware colors;

  1. Matte black: Matte black has been in vogue for over two centuries. This unique tapware color looks sophisticated. Not only that, it adds a touch of luxe to a bathroom and kitchen. Initially, black colors tapware are always great when combined with colors like white and grey. Imagine your kitchen with wall tiles and floor tiles of white or grey color with a touch of black taps. Honestly, I don’t know if you see what I’m seeing right now. It would be so lovely. Matte black can also be used to form an outstanding monochromatic or industrial-looking space. One of the advantages of matte black is that it’s easy to keep clean as it counterattacks fingerprints. However, there’s a need to avoid harsh cleaning chemicals on matte black. 
Top 5 most popular tapware colors
  1. Brushed nickel: Brushed nickel tapware offers a warmer and softer look that one can compare to chrome. It has a similar feature in terms of color with chrome. Its durability is beyond what one can put into writing, and this tapware tends to keep its finish very well. One beautiful thing about this tapware is that it doesn’t show fingerprints, and it is easy to clean and maintain. It is always lovely when combined with stark-white sinks in the kitchen and bathroom. Brush nickel’s soft hue makes it look great on stone countertops like granite. Therefore, if you want to choose a tapware color that will transform your kitchen or bathroom, picking brushed nickel is not a mistake. It is one of the most-used tapware colors in Australia and some parts worldwide. In fact, this tapware color is everywhere. It is trendy. I have seen it countless times in homes at offices. 
  2. Gunmetal: What is gunmetal color? Gunmetal color is a shade of grey. In the tapware industry, this tapware color is the one that is next to matte black in terms of popularity. One beautiful thing about this tapware color is that it won’t show fingerprints or any stain, unlike chrome. It is a versatile color option that can easily match with a numerous range of color schemes. Therefore, I want to implore you to check out tapware of this beautiful color. They are always attractive in kitchens and bathrooms.
  3. Rose gold: I was amazed when I saw a tapware with rose gold. I was almost carried away with the beauty of that tapware. It got my attention how this unique color contributed to the uniqueness and the beauty of the bathroom. I don’t know how to explain that it won’t be as though I am flattering you. Trust me; its beauty is beyond explanation. 
  4. Brushed gold: This unique color is gorgeous. It will add an air of elegance to a bathroom. I want you to trust me on what I have said about this color. Please try it, and you will thank me later.
Top 5 most popular tapware colors


With the above-listed points, I hope I can see the pictures of your bathroom and kitchen. I firmly believe that you will have a positive result if you use any of the listed tapware colors.