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35 Awesome Backyard Waterfall Ideas

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Water is quite soothing and relaxing and all these ideas for backyard waterfalls can allow you to make a tranquil oasis right in your property that’s both visually appealing and really refreshing. But it is possible to that pond unique with the inclusion of a natural cascading waterfall, or even a fountain. If you would like something much more modern, you might choose to decide on a water feature installation with lighting and jets of water.

A waterfall may also be integrated into a pool, or you might also get it leak over rocks into a natural swimming pool that would really make a beautiful effect. Incorporating rough stones into your design won’t just help to make a natural looking waterfall, it provides textures and natural beauty into your design.

Making yourself is a bit more tricky and will demand a good deal of time, but we have loads of inspiration below which could offer you a few ideas about the best way best to get started.

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